Gardevoir SAR price quote(jp)【Pokémon TCG: scarlet】Pokémon card battle


We summarize the market price of Gardevoir SAR of Pokeca (Pokemon card).

Gardevoir SAR price quote(jp)
【Pokémon TCG:Scarlet】

Purchase price and sales price of Gardevoir SAR
(japan price)

Selling price 24,000yen~
flea market app 20,000-24,000yen

Mimosa SAR Information

Type/Rarity Psychic/SAR
Enclosed pack Scarlet ex
release date 2023/1/20
model number 【sv1s】101/078


You can use it as many times as you want on your turn. Choose 1 “Psychic Energy” from your trash and attach it to your Psychic Pokémon. After that, put 2 useless counters on the attached Pokemon. (This ability cannot be used on Pokémon that faint.)

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