Miraidon ex SAR price quote(jp)【Pokémon TCG: Violet】


We summarize the market price of Miraidon ex SAR of Pokeca (Pokemon card).

Miraidon ex SAR price quote(jp)
【Pokémon TCG: Violet】

Purchase price and sales price of Miraidon ex SAR
(japan price)

・flea market app(jp):23000~27000yen
・Sales price(jp): 29000-35000yen

Mimosa SAR Information

Type/Rarity Electric/SAR
Enclosed pack violet
release date 2023/1/20
model number 【sv1v】102/078


You can use it once on your turn. Select up to 2 Thunder-type Seed Pokémon from your deck and place them on the bench. Then cut the deck.