“One Piece” spoiler for episode 1115 confirmed breaking news!


Summary of One Piece Chapter 1114:

Dr. Vegapunk reveals shocking information that the world will be submerged under the sea, causing widespread panic. The Five Elders, fearing further leaks, desperately try to stop the “transmission Den Den Mushi.” Vegapunk explains that the rising sea levels are due to man-made earthquakes rather than natural disasters. This leads to uncovering truths about the Void Century. Additionally, it is revealed that Joy Boy was the first person to be called a “pirate” in history.

Joy Boy vs. the World Government

The Poneglyph that Vegapunk briefly deciphered contained records of a “tremendously large war.” Joy Boy’s adversary is the current “World Government,” akin to a coalition force of twenty allied nations in the past. However, it’s unclear which side represents good or evil, as it’s framed as a clash of “two ideologies.”

While in Japan there’s a saying, “Victory makes one the government, defeat makes one a rebel,” in the current world of One Piece, the victorious World Government is considered righteous, while the defeated Joy Boy’s faction (the pirates) became the villains.

Regardless of the reasoning, it’s akin to the proverb where the strong become the just.

The kingdom where Joy Boy was born had developed a civilization so remarkably advanced that it belied its age of 900 years. The weapons used during the “Void Century” were said to be beyond the capabilities of modern science to replicate. Even the genius Vegapunk admitted his inability to reproduce them, acknowledging a significant challenge.

While Vegapunk’s scientific prowess, akin to someone 500 years ahead, is astonishing, surpassing it seems daunting. It is speculated that one of the ancient weapons, “Pluton” or “Uranus,” was utilized by Im-sama, with Vegapunk’s creation, the “Mother Flame,” serving as its energy source. The fact that energy could be generated but not the weapons themselves suggests the necessity of some special material or component.

During the “Void Century,” the rise in sea levels amounted to 656 feet!

As the scene shifts to Stussy, the Straw Hat crew, and Bonnie, Vegapunk continues.
The battle of the “Void Century” concluded with Joy Boy’s defeat, an event so cataclysmic that it triggered natural disasters of unprecedented proportions. While nowadays traveling from island to island is common, a thousand years ago, it was considered unconventional, with land-to-land transit being the norm. The current world is said to be composed of fragments of continents that sank a thousand years ago.

While it may be impossible to conceal these facts, if the world had once sunk beneath the sea, it becomes feasible. The sea level rise during the “Void Century” reached a staggering 656 feet, a figure unparalleled in any field of study. Vegapunk explained that this was not a natural disaster but a man-made one.

Moreover, he speculated that the cause of the world’s submersion due to rising sea levels was likely the result of “ancient weapons” some 800 years ago.

Episode 1114 Commentary:

In Episode 1089, there’s a depiction suggesting that Im-sama used an “ancient weapon.” This is evident from the aftermath of the destruction of the Lulusia Kingdom, where a massive hole appeared, causing a seismic event that raised the sea level by 1 meter (3.2 feet). With a sea level rise of about 200 meters, one might speculate that the ancient weapon was used approximately 200 times. While there are three known ancient weapons – “Pluton,” “Poseidon,” and “Uranus” – the one used this time seems to manifest as a giant black shadow covering the sky. Personally, I lean towards it being “Uranus.” What are your thoughts?

When thinking of “sky,” Skypiea comes to mind, but was Skypiea also created using the astonishing scientific prowess of Joy Boy’s kingdom from 900 years ago? The potential connection to Skypiea is intriguing.

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